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moisture meter

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The first-ever battery operated moisture meter
The world's first rechargeable battery operated portable moisture meter enables measurements where no AC power is available.The instrument requires a 6.8 volt DC source.A battery compatible with the Sony 8mm video Handycam(tm)can be used.

Distance indicator
A unique and easily used system is employed to determine the measuring distance from the instrument to the object.Two light sources are used,a red and a white.When the red circle of light(10mm)is within the white circle(25mm)then the instrument is 150mm from the object and at the correct measuring distance.

Simple analytical curve selection
Five different analytical curves can be programmed into the F1 through F5 Keys.At the touch of an F button the appropriate curve is selected.

Storage of up to 99 readings
The instrument will store up to 99 moisture measurements in nonvolatile memory.Even removing power will not cause memory loss.Also stored are the time the readings were taken and the actual absorbance data.

Small and light
The unit is lightweight (1.1kg) and compact,easily carried to the measurement site.It can be mounted on a standard tripod or other available support accessories.

Data hold function
A Simple button press will keep the last measurement made on the display until the sampling mode button is pressed.In normal on-line applications, measurements can be continuously displayed.

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